How to use Spotify beginners guide is so elementary as it clearly breaks down in chunks all that is needed to get started. below, have that you need to get started using Spotify

How Spotify Works

I will break it down how spotify works. here, we are presented with two choices,Spotify free and Spotify Premium with,either plan you get access to a large,library of music that you can play on a,PC smartphone along with apps for,several other types of devices if you,opt for the free plan you’ll have to,deal with the occasional ad if you go,with the premium plan you can get rid of,the ads plus you get additional features,that include unlimited skips better,quality audio being able to download,tracks to listen to offline along with,other features in this tutorial I’ll be,using the Spotify app on a desktop many,of these features can also be found on,their apps for smartphones and other,devices if you’re not following along on,a desktop the location of these features,may be in a different location for you,instead of using my personal Spotify,account I created a new account a few,days ago specifically for this tutorial

Interestingly,let’s start off with the various ways,that you can find music to play. if,you’re looking for a specific song,artist album or playlist you can use the,search bar. here at the top when you,click into the search bar you’ll see,your recent searches listed below when,you type a search query you will now see.

the top result here at the top followed,by songs artists and albums and near the,bottom you’ll find playlists podcasts,and videos and profiles let’s go back to,the top of the page to instantly play a,song just hover your mouse over a,selection anywhere on this page.

select the play button,instead of creating a playlist you can,also use the search bar to find out if,another user in the community has,already made a similar playlist I’ll do,a search for best of ac/dc,and it looks like somebody’s already,made that playlist you can click into,the thumbnail for that playlist to start,playing or select the title of the,playlist to see which songs are included,in that playlist if you’re unsure of,what you want to listen to or you just,want to discover new music in the left,pane near the top select browse you’re,at the top of the page our playlists

that Spotify thinks that you’ll enjoy,also on this page you’ll find charts new,releases and if you scroll down the page,you’ll find John ruse and moods,these are playlists created by the,Spotify team another way to find music,to listen to is to select radio on the,left just below browse if you’ve ever,used the Pandora music service Spotify,radio gives you a similar experience,here you’ll find recently played,stations recommended stations and below,that genre stations the feature on this,page that I

use quite a bit is here at,the top called create new station when,you select it you can do a search for a,song or artist I’ll do a search right,now for the song Red Solo Cup and here,it is when I select the song it will,create a playlist with other songs that,are similar in style,creating a radio station is useful for,those times when you don’t feel like,making a playlist of your own while,playing any song in radio you have the,option to give that song a thumbs down,or a thumbs up giving any song a thumbs

up will automatically add that song to,the lightfrom radio playlist which is a,collection of all the songs you have,given a thumbs up using the radio,feature,speaking of playlist I’ll now go into,more detail about playlists in,if I here’s how to create a new playlist,here in the lower left select new,playlist give your playlist a name I’ll,call this one road trip below that you,could choose an image but I usually skip,this feature and to the right of that,you can give your playlist a description,I’ll just put in here music for a long,road trip when you’re done select create,it’s that simple to add music to your,playlist and you were on Spotify

for,example here they have recommended songs,or you could be anywhere else on the,service find the three dot more menu,associated with the song you want to add,select it go down to add to playlist,then click on the playlist you want to,add that song to or you could choose to,create a new playlist from here as well,I’ll add the song to road trip and there,it is adding songs to the playlist is,quick and easy where it gets difficult,is deciding which songs that you want to,add to add a playlist from the community,let’s head up to browse in the upper,left and I’ll select one of the,playlists listed here at the top go with,fifth harmony selecting follow which you,will find at the top of every playlist,will add it to your list of playlists,

but you can see here on the left,regarding playlists you can subscribe to,or create as many playlists as you would,like but within each playlist the,maximum amount of songs that you can,have in one playlist is 10,000 songs now,let’s go over the your library section,here in the left pane recently played,will show you all the songs albums,playlists or radio that you’ve recently,listened to below recently played is,songs albums and artists to add,individual songs to these I’ll show you,an example and do a search for Led,Zeppelin and selected,on any song in Spotify to the left of,the song where you see the plus sign,selected doing this we’ll have that song,appear under songs its artists under,artists and the album that song appears,on will show up under albums to add an,entire album from an artist to your,library let’s do a search for an album,I’ll go with back in black by ac/dc and,select it,here at the top selecting save will add,that entire album to your library and,you’ll notice to the left of each of,these songs that the pluses have turned,into checkmarks there’s also a useful,feature that will notify you when an,artist you like releases new music on,Spotify go to the artists page in this,example I’ll just select ac/dc while,we’re here and select follow in your,library if you go to artists you can see,all the music artists that you’re,currently following and it will say,following under the artists name back to,the your library categories stations,will show you all the radio stations,you’re following local files will show,you all the music files on your computer,or device that you can play with in the,Spotify app I’ll show you how to set,that up later on the last two categories,in your library are videos and podcasts,in videos just find a video and select,follow it we’ll add it to that category,and podcasts find a podcast follow,and that podcast will be added being,able to download songs is useful when,you want to use less data when streaming,music or for playing music while you’re,offline or when you have terrible,cellular reception on a PC or smartphone,at the top right of any playlist just,toggle the download switch on to,download those songs to your computer or,device if you’re looking for similar,artists to the ones you like when you’re,on the artist page select fans also like,I have found this is a great way to,discover new music and artists in a,minute I’ll go over the settings that,you may want to consider changing before,that I’ll just briefly show you the rest,of the user interface in the right pane,is where you’ll find your friends,selecting find friends will give you the,option to connect to Facebook this is,for those of you that haven’t deleted,your account yet along the bottom,starting on the left you’ll see the,album cover which you can make bigger by,selecting the up arrow the song name and,artist selecting the plus here will also,save that song to your library in the,middle are your navigation options those,include shuffle play previous track the,play pause button play next track and,repeat if you’re one of those people,that like to listen to the same song,over and over again and to the right is,your play cue to see which songs are,coming up devices available,shows you which devices are connected to,your Spotify account and the volume,slider which I currently have on mute,and the icon to switch to full screen,mode now let’s go over the settings you,should know about by selecting the,drop-down arrow to the right of your,account name then click on settings if,you’re on the iOS or Android app to get,to settings go to your library then tap,the COG wheel in the upper right now,let’s go to music quality on PC toggling,music quality on will give you high,quality streaming on mobile you get four,options for the setting instead of a,switch if you’re concerned about your,data plan you should avoid extreme,quality let’s scroll down the page to,local files and this is where you can,add music from your personal library can,be played on your computer in the,Spotify app select add a source then,find the folders where your music is,stored and when you’re done select ok,let’s scroll down a little bit more,select show advanced settings,I’m gonna scroll down a little bit more,here down here and playback toggle the,switch on for cross state songs if you,prefer your songs to mix together,between songs and with it on you can,select the crossfade length and below,that I prefer to leave the switch turned,on for set the same volume for all songs,toggled off some songs will be quite a,bit louder than others under startup and,window behavior you’ll see open Spotify,automatically after you log into the,computer here you have three choices,minimized yes or no for me I found that,there is no reason for Spotify to start,up with my computer so I have this one,set to know the less programs that are,enabled that start up the quicker it’ll,boot up those are just a few of the,settings I wanted to point out to you,most of the others should be,self-explanatory I can’t think of,anything else to show you right now so,I’ll close out this video thanks for,watching give this video a thumbs up if,it helped you out if you have any tips,for using Spotify that you think would,be useful to others let us know in the,comments and if you’re new to this,channel click that subscribe button and,ring the bell notification icon for more,tech tutorials and other tech related,stuff from tech gumbo

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